New Moves, New Sounds at The Pegasus

Last night was the final show in the Oxford Improvisers ‘Cohesion Festival’.  There was some lovely music by the improvisers and guest artists and beautiful projections of drawings live.  I danced with Susie Crow, Aya Kobayashi and Jason Maniro.  It is always a challenge dealing with more than one stimulus/point of attention.  Here we were dancing together for the first time but were also trying to relate to the music and the projections as well as each other and the audience.  I think we would do better next time! There was a good turn out and the audience seemed to like what they had experienced though.

‘Boundaries’ at The J du P the night before had a superb quality of music integrating a real range of genres and sounds with some really beautiful singing preceeded by atmospheric and absorbing sound and video work in the foyer by Efthymios Chatzigiannis and Dariusz Dziala.  A real shame there wasn’t a bigger audience for this.  But then it was competing with all the events of winterlight nights.

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