Diamond Nights

Saturday was Diamond Nights.  We had 6 different acts all different and all good.  I was co organising this with Paul with as always the support and help of the rest of the Cafe Reason group.  We are especially lucky to have Peter Green doing the lighting -he is always the one to work hardest at Diamond Nights as he is involved in every piece! and Peter Jones coming to document  the evenings proceedings.  We are also extremely lucky to be able to access the drama studio without which none of these wonderful theatrical experiments would get seen.  Performing were:Ayala Kingsley in ‘trunk’, Flavia Coube in ‘Child’  followed by Bruno Guastalla and Macarena Ortuzar in ‘slate’.  Next was Segolene Tarte in ‘Splice’, followed by Dariusz Dziala’s film ‘Cabbage’ with music by Malcolm Atkins based on a traditional Polish song.  Finally the Cafe Reason group piece ‘A walk’ inspired by an Ivor Cutlor piece called ‘Life in a Scotch sitting roomVOL2 EP.11’ and performed by Jeannie Donald McKim, Ayala Kingsley, Fabrizia Verrechia, Flavia Coube and Segolene Tarte.  Accompanying them with live music were Bruno Guastalla -cello, and  Janna Ferrett -voice.  For a write up of the evening see Susie Crow’s review at Oxford Dance Writers

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