2nd scratch for Inertia

Last night Naomi and I gave another airing to some of the ideas emerging for Inertia at Cafe Reason’s Diamond Night.  I was almost more nervous than the previous scratch at The Pegasus as Diamond Nights usually has such a good standard of performance and the availability of lighting support makes for a more theatrical atmosphere.

Again I tried to invite the audience to contribute their motivations, the times they look forward to getting out of bed etc.  Unfortunately I didn’t give them a clear enough idea of when to make their contributions – so I am looking forward to making that aspect work next time!  Besides that we continued play with shadow and live body, live drawing in conjunction with static body and various uses of my big green rug as a prop.

I received some really useful feedback from fellow contributors and some audience members too along with some very positive encouragement so, despite the nerves and a certain lack of energy I’m glad we took the opportunity to show these workings towards a piece.


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