Lea Anderson R & D with Anjali

Today I went along to a sharing of the ACE funded research Anjali has been doing with choreographer Lea Anderson.  It was lovely to see the group again and to see how they really work so well together as a company. Anjali  have been working with Lea for the last week assisted by Aya Kobayashi on a reconstruction of a scene from Hitchcock’s film The birds.    The structural device of taking cut by cut created  a stylised and intriguing effect with plenty of dramatic potential.  Light and its use is key to Lea’s vision for this piece and there were already interesting experiments going on with torches and the framing of the dance.  It was clear that both the company and Lea had enjoyed the experience.   I am looking forward to seeing the work  as it develops on its way to performance at the South bank.  So exciting to have Lea Anderson so close by.

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