ODF workshops at OFS

Tomorrow will be another in the Oxford Dance Forum  series of professional development training days offered through the ACE supported homebed programme at OFS.

The last one I attended was ‘Getting the most out of mentoring’ led by Joe Moran, Artistic Director of Dance Art Foundation programmed to follow on from  the ‘Giving and receiving feedback’ workshop given in February.  Joe’s workshop drew on models from therapy and counselling as well as feedback methods developed through the experiences of dance artists which emphasise the importance of communication and establishing clarity of purpose and intention.  Underpinning all is mutual respect and the belief that the artist has the means to find their answers and way forward and that these can emerge through a combination of  listening, open questions and challenges offered from a place which is open and supportive rather than judgemental and negative.  For both mentor and mentee there is a need for self awareness, reflection and  honesty.

I enjoyed the structure of the workshop which included demonstration and practice of key elements, the clarity of aims  and the delivery which was clear, open and warm.

I am hoping tomorrow’s workshop will be offering some practical advice, structural help and insights into  ‘working with a producer’.


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