Lighting workshop at Oxford Playhouse with Charles Balfour

Another ODF workshop. This time at The Playhouse.  I always want to know /learn more about lights and lighting but wondered how much could really be covered in a 2 hour session.  I was pleasantly surprised.  After a quick explanation of the basic light types and demonstration of their beams, an introduction to the computerised system for logging and controlling cues/lighting plan we had the opportunity to see one or two of Richard Alston’s dancers lit from different angles and appreciate the impact on mood/feel that this alone made.  We were also given a tiny introduction to the history of lighting for dance and approaches to lighting.   Finally we were treated to a short duet sequence and encouraged to suggest how we might approach lighting it  -building from movement, to addition of music and then costume.  Then we watched from the auditorium as the painting with light began and the various suggestions were applied.

We had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and give opinions with Charles being approachable relaxed and knowledgeable.  It was a treat also just to be in the theatre with the stage and auditorium to ourselves.   I’d love to have a whole day or two to really see /explore a few more different possibilities.

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