Saturday at Pegasus

Saturday I had the luxury of the Pegasus studio to try to develop some more ideas for Inertia and onwards. It is so lovely to have studio time -thank you Pegasus. As I warmed up and then started on some ideas I realised I had hardly used the floor space at all. I am always complaining that there is not enough space at home, that a bedroom is too cramped but here I was in a huge space and I’d barely moved from my yoga mat.
However there is a big difference. In a studio your ideas can expand and there is always the possibility of using the fullness of the space – the light, mirrors, proper floor. It is like the difference between trying to do administrative work at the kitchen table or your bedroom floor with all its clutter and distractions instead of in an office. The former is not impossible but it is often difficult to arrive at the right headspace and to value the time or even the work without according oneself the respect of an appropriate creation space. This is why venue support is so valuable and so appreciated.

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