Cafe Reason’s Diamond Night #11

Saturday June 1st was the eleventh in Cafe Reason’s series of ‘Diamond Nights’ -organised this time by myself and Paul MacKilligin.  Conceived as a platform to share and show experiments and new work it continues to offer the chance to see interesting and experimental new work in a small theatrical environment.  We are grateful to Russell Anderson and Oxford Brooks for use of the studio.

This time we had perhaps less Butoh than on previous occasions and quite an international flavour with Indian classical dance from Fabrizia Verrechia and Argentinian song and story from Patrissia Cuberos.  There was live experimental music from Fractofusus and film from Peter Jones.   Butoh came in Flavia Coube’s solo and in Jeannie Donald McKim’s Duet with vocalist Anne L Ryan.

Organising these events always requires a mixture of thorough planning, preparation, trust and improvising/thinking on one’s feet!  It is a delight when, on the evening, between stage managing and mcing you can sit down and enjoy what all the performers are offering and it feels a privilege to be present at ‘the birth’  of a new work or the shining example of a practised piece.

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