Peta Lilly clowns with Anjali

Today I went to the third of Anjali’s recent work in progress sharings.  The last week they have been working with theatre director Peta Lilly.  Nicole, Anjali’s director has long admired her work and invited her to develop and build the group’s skills in physical theatre including audience communication, use of voice and timing.  The presentation saw a series of Peta’s dark clowning techniques employed by the group as they introduced themselves and their body parts and asked what we were afraid of.   Spiders? Snakes? Death? Dead people? Speaking in public?  Timing , mime, choreography and word were all used and I found myself grimacing, holding my breath and laughing at several points in the sharing.

Yet again Anjali had risen to a new challenge and had clearly taken on new devices and approaches with enthusiasm and commitment expanding even further the range of their performance techniques.  This work will be built on by Aya Kobayashi and Nicole over the coming weeks with a press launch and showing due at the Royal Festival Hall on the 9th July.


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