Recce at The Ashmolean

On Saturday I joined other members of Cafe Reason and Anne L Ryan of ‘Moving Tone’ at the Ashmolean in Oxford. We were meeting to plan and begin preparations for a work in progress performance there on August 26th. This forms part of our preparation towards a new collaborative work entitled ‘The Heart’s Desire’  which we aim to perform next March and June.
We had been allocated the Randolph Sculpture Gallery, a long symmetrical space lined with Classical sculptures and busts, many with missing body parts.
What began as an intention to try out a couple of ideas to see how they would work in the space became a 40 minute improvised performance as intrigued gallery visitors stopped to watch or sometimes even joined in.
Combining movement and voice work in such a space opened up lots of possibilities and we are excited about the prospect of developing these further.

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