Windows alive at Cornerstone

On Saturday (after rushing from The Old Firestation in Oxford) Flavia, Peter and I made our way to Didcot to meet up with Leslie and Effie at Didcot’s Cornerstone Arts Centre. Miranda Laurence, who had dreamed up the idea to animate the window boxes was there to greet us and show us the corridor and windows which would be our space for the next 2 hours. Armed with boxes, tissue paper and an assortment of other props -Leslie brought plastic frogs and a fishing stick (among other things) and Effie, glitter shoes and gift bags, we took on the party flavour to celebrate Cornerstone’s 5th birthday.
In turns we inhabited the different window boxes occupying them at times alone and at others joined by a mischevious Flavia or all grouped together in the biggest. It was fun catching the attention of passers by and also great to see some of the other acts taking part in the celebrations who came parading our way on the other side of the glass.
I’m looking forward to seeing some of the images captured by Peter and I would love at some point to devise a proper choreography for this inspiring window wall.

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