Cafe reason’s Diamond Night #12

Last night Cafe Reason hosted our 12th Diamond Night showing new works and pieces in progress.  We are grateful to Russell Anderson and Brookes University for making the drama studio available for these valuable events and to the volunteers who help us with light, sound and documenting in this intimate theatrical space.

Showing work were Cafe Reason with an early version of the prologue for their latest main project ‘The Heart’s Desire’ in collaboration with Moving ToneDariusz Dziala with a short film,  Anne Ryan with two solos, Dark of the Moon- a duet, myself with a second outing of the ‘finding voice’ section of ‘Tuning’,  Mame Yansame a moving  solo  with projection and Flavia Coube a tragi-comic dying swan.

Organising and performing require rather different heads and usually I avoid combining both in the same evening if I can help it.  This time quite a few of us were acting in more than one capacity due to a last minute ‘staff’ shortage at the helm but all passed smoothly.  However,  I noticed my lack of mental preparation for performing which for me translates in to a less energised performance presence. (That’s my excuse anyway!)

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