Skinner Release in Summertown

Great that Susie Crow has organised this block of classes with Lizzy Le Quesne.  My body was treated to some thorough releasing.  I was also interested how many points of connection and crossover there are with what I cover in some of the Butoh classes – being suspended, use of imagery, melting to touch, softness in feet, space inside body and outside,  ‘being moved’.  All these influences and cross polinations of approaches.  I can’t remember whether I received these through Butoh training or the many years of various contemporary, release and contact improvisation classes.  We learn, absorb and filter through what is useful into the work we do.

I had so thoroughly engaged in the class that I completely forgot where I had parked my car and after struggling to walk to where I thought it was, realised I’d long passed it.  Had to laugh despite the pain.

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