Crossing the arts in meeting points, DEC and choreocollective

While Meeting Points and the work of DEC is explicitly aimed at cross art collaboration,  choreocollective is aimed at choreographic development.  Even so,  I still found myself in the session last week investigating through dance the qualities of a visual art.  In this case Chinese ink painting.

Segolene was inspired by the notion in ink painting that there are 5 qualities or textures of black.

These are “Dry, Wet, Dark, Light, Charred” .  What did these mean? what did they look like?  How could we dance them?  And so we tried and noticed and discovered surprises, differences and similarities between our various interpretations.

Quality of movement, pathways through space,  relation to floor. All came in to play as we explored how  each of these terms could be danced.  Fascinating beginning and insight in to one choreographer’s process.

In Meeting Points  dancers, word smith and musicians explored the notion of balance and in doing so its counter.   Words emerged in response to movement and movement to words and music, and music sought to balance itself across the space and between the dancers.

In DEC practice,  after a great free warm up and improvisation we tried to express ‘evolution’ and non-evolution’  in the sense of development or stasis.  Artists, dancers and musicians all found that when we thought we were evolving we were often repeating and therefore not evolving.  Or when we tried to  not evolve we began to emerge in to some other form, motion or sound.  Without stopping altogether, the periods of stasis were simply pauses along the way of an evolving path.

Looking forward to the next Choreocollective session on 6th Feb and Meeting Points on the 18th Feb at OFS.

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