Last night was the first of two April Choreocollectives and my first return to OFS since my operation.

What a lovely evening!  A big beam across my face just being in the space, lying on the floor, glimpsing the others as they warmed up and chatted.  It is so good to share space with other dancers.

Then 4 quite different choreographic experiments -though we found a few points of connection.  The first using a colourful and form filled postcard image,  music and non-moving imagination before transforming into dance.   The second, a very brief stop frame exercise.  The third starting with a poem and costume props leading to a showing of work in progress.  The fourth how to create calm/order/moderation in a space.

As ever one person’s ideas trigger responses and further thoughts  so you come away feeling like things have woken up inside and your body has moved to very different tunes.

Looking forward to the next choreocollective  the 24th April.

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