Diamond Night 13

Last Saturday night was Cafe Reason’s 13th informal platform of work in progress.   An opportunity to see new works and experiments thanks to Oxford Brookes for use of their drama studio.  In the first half we had poetry from Ayala Kingsley, song from Anne Ryan, spoken word and dance from Jenny Parrott – poignant and funny and dance from Flavia Coube -expressive and moving.  The second half was given over to two or three sections of Cafe Reason’s forthcoming show ‘The Heart’s Desire’ (June 13th and 14th at The Old Firestation) still in the early stages of development.  Exploring the role of the senses we are using a new combination of voice and movement for this production which, along with the complex source material is still presenting us with quite a challenge!  This time we encouraged verbal feedback at the end of the presentation.  This worked quite well with a relaxed discussion throwing up useful comments, questions, creative ideas and constructive criticism which we can certainly use to help in further rehearsals and planning.  Thanks to all who came.



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