Learning to pitch

On Thursday I will be pitching for the first time at ‘Create’.  The thought is frankly terrifying.  I am not used to speaking about what I want to do in public, I have no idea how to use power point and my idea is still so big and multi dimensional that it is going to be difficult to construct a clear simple ‘sell’.

However it is a good challenge to be engaged in.  I just wish I had not had such a busy week already scheduled between applying/being selected and the pitching date!  I have already had some tips on trying to limit the sprawl of the idea and may get some more help on the eve from fellow collaborators – which is lovely support.

Here is the 50 word summary submitted for the programme:

Resting Places.  Where can we rest in the city centre? The creation of a series of surreal and thought provoking images and street performance interventions to explore our attitudes to and opportunities for resting or lying down in public. How might we more creatively and inclusively shape our shared public spaces?

There are so many interesting and exciting possibilities for the later stages of the project but first the initial clearly defined step has to be taken…

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