Image and Imagination

A few months ago I was asked to write a 100 word ‘postcard’ on image and imagination in relation to performance training (Thanks Thomas).  The result is published in Taylor and Francis ‘Theatre and Performance Training’ volume 6.  Great to see the other contributors’ words.  Do have a look  here .

I really enjoyed considering the role of image and imagination in training and found that there was quite a lot to say on the subject – even in 100 word bursts!  Besides the use of images to generate particular qualities and dynamics of movement and to encourage the body to experience itself differently there are the images which rise from the movement and the placement of the body in space.  Learning to recognise when pause in motion will create an image which resonates and has meaning..  Then there are the images which the audience receives, triggering their own imaginative journeys.

However, at the time I was particularly frustrated with the need to find images in order to market work.  So one of my extra sets of 100 words was a little moan about that.

‘It’s all about image. Presenting. Resenting the need to have to show with an image the content, the identity, the meaning of all that we do – in a class, in a workshop in a show.

An image to set the imagination rolling. Or does it? When it is a description, name call, banner to advertise. A definition, a stamp.

The intrusion of image making (taking photographs) in to what should be the safe space of exploration and creation in order to entice others, display, evidence and prove worth.

In offering training words are not enough (lack of imagination). You have to provide an image.’


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