Past / Recent work

Performances/works .  Chronological (last 5 years, latest first.)

2016 ‘Rock Rope R…’ and ‘Sill’ choreographer/performer. Donald Hutera Women Go Live. OFS. Oxford

2016 ‘Doll’s House.  Cafe Reason.  Contrib’ Choreographer.  Performer.  Pegasus Theatre

2015 Diamond Night. Cafe Reason W.I.P Platform. Joint organiser.

2015 ‘Butterfly caught’ W.I.P. Choreographer/performer. Dance Scratch Night at OFS, Oxford.

2015 ‘Kinetic Syntax’ Collaboration with Vahni Kapildeo (poet) Jeremy Hardingham (performer). Cambridge.

2015  ‘Inside Outside’. W.I.P Cafe Reason.  Choreographer/performer. Dance Scratch Night at OFS, Oxford.

2015 ‘Resting Places’ Exhibition/event. Collab with Josh Tomalin and Rachel Gildea. Playground, Skyrocket. OFS.

2015 Improvisation with Flavia Coube . SINK Edinburgh Trio. Ossicles.  Turl Street Kitchen.

2015 Doll’s House WIP. Cafe Reason.  Oxford Fringe at Oxford Brookes.

2015 When my Grandfather was a fish. performer in CARU event at Pegasus Theatre Cafe

2015 When my Grandfather was a fish.  performer.  Kymmata event at o3 gallery.

2014 ‘The Heart’s Desire’ – Performer/Co-director Cafe Reason/Anne L.Ryan.  Old Firestation

2013 ‘Tuning’ – solo with rug.  Choreographer/performer. Lion and Unicorn, London and Woking dance festival.

2013 ‘Window Wall’ – site specific improv with 3 others. Cornerstone.

2013 The Heart’s Desire -work in progress. Performer/Co-director Cafe Reason/Moving Tone.  Ashmolean Museum.

2013 Luminous Shadows. DEC.  Collaborator/Performer with projected live art and  music. Old Firestation.

2013 Inertia. choreographer/performer collab with Naomi Morris live camera, projection.

2012 DEC at Old Firestation with Oxford Improvisers. Performer with projected live art, music and poetry.

2012 Otherworlds. DEC at The Story Museum.  Performer with projected live art and music.

2012  Site specific. Castle/o3 Gallery.  Dancer in digital installation by Neil Smith, Naomi Morris & Kate Willis.

2012 A Suitcase for all Occasions.   Dancer in triptych of dance by Paulette Mae.

2012 Puppet. short dance film. Choreographer. Co-director with Dariusz Dziala.

2012 Tim Perkins ensemble. Choreographer/performer for Music ensemble.

2012 A walk. Deviser for Cafe Reason.

2011 Old Firestation Opening. Performer in site specific structured improvisation.

2011 Dreaming a life. short solo. Choreographer/Performer.

2011 Dolls House. Dancer in Cafe Reason Group piece. Choreographer Jeannie Donald-McKim.

2011 Still Standing. Cafe Reason group piece. Using projection by Dariusz Dziala.Choreographer.

2011 Matrix. Co Director full length evening show by Cafe Reason.

2011 Don’t Worry. Choreographer/Performer. Using projection by Dariusz Dziala.

2011 My Time. Collaboration with VJ Dariusz Dziala.  Choreographer/Performer.

2011 Cohesion Festival.  Guest dancer/performer for Oxford Improvisers.

2011 Tim Perkins ensemble. Choreographer/Performer for Music ensemble.

2010 Footage. Short dance film. Director.

2010 DEC. Ovada. Guest performer in improvised interaction with art projection and music.

2010 Shore. Group piece. Choreographer for Cafe Reason.

2010 Oxfringe Festival. collaboration with musicians and poets. Guest performer.

2010 Cohesion Festival. Guest dancer/performer.

2010 Arch. Dancer in site specific commission for Dancin Oxford. Choreographer  Fiona Milward.

2009 Pierrot. Choreographer/Performer. Collaboration with Composer/musican Malcolm Atkins.

2009 Locate. Dancer in Site Specific commission for Dancin Oxford. Choreographer Adesole Akinleye.

2009 Metre Meter. Dance music collaboration with Bruno Guastalla at MAO.

2009 Threshold. Site specific -Jam factory,  Choreographer for Cafe Reason.

2008 Baggage. Solo. Choreographer/Performer. Solo’s Project Susie Crow. Burton Taylor Theatre, OP

2008 A moon beam locked up. Choreographer/Performer. With Composer/musician Malcolm Atkins.

2008 Winterlights. Choreographer for Cafe Reason site specific.

2008 The Ten Thousand Things. Performer for Wrong Pearls Theatre.

2008 Orpheus. Performer and filmaker with Cafe Reason.

2008 Onomatomania. Dance Music Collaboration w Malcolm Atkins. Modern Art Oxford.

2008 Eye/I. Short dance film. Director/Editor.

2007 Looney Toons and Silent Moves. Dispatx website. dance music collaboration.

2007 Borderlands. Short dance film. Director.

2007 Pink. Dancer with Taro Dance Theatre,  Choreographer Lena Ang.  Malaysia.


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