Inertia research


Responses to:  ‘What makes  you (motivates you to) get out of bed in the morning?’

-‘the unexpected to come! ‘   ‘the light’

-‘Blue skies’ ,’birds singing’, ‘The smell of a good breakfast being cooked’

-‘It depends on the day – responsibility or promise of fun’

-‘Taking on the character of a famous person and getting up in the style of that person (eg John Wayne, Einstein, Captain Haddock’)

– ‘Breakfast’ , ‘exercise’, ‘Achieving something’ ‘Fear of sloth’


-‘sunshine’ , ‘hot tea and biscuit’ , ‘meeting people’ , ‘boss says have to’

-‘bright sunshine’ ‘a phone call from one I love’

– the thought of having a coffee’ ‘

‘my son waking me up in the morning…his energy, his desire for moving, play and exploration’

‘getting out of debt’


What does Inertia mean to you?

– groundhog day feeling’

-incapable of being able to move’

-‘kind of sunday’


Link to scratch night at Peg password : scratch

Feedback on bits of paper from Peg scratch night 25th Jan
Here are the notes from the audience’s bits of paper, I hope it’s useful!

Really interesting link with the projection – layering, a different dimension, very effective.


Nightmare, torture, liberation.

Evolution from animal, infinite interconnections.

Added sense of confinement.

For the shadow section I thought the music actually took away from the movement, would have been nice in silence. Busy.

The hand as great, a sense of wonder and play when it was definitely gone.

Video effects reminded me of early 70’s/80’s experimental era and music (horror). The silhouette hand worked to an extent but “slipped” every now and again.

Really effective use of video – nice juxtaposition.

A great advertisement in promoting the benefits of EMDR therapy.

Psychedelic, frustration, isolation, determination.

Mesmerising imagery and film, emotional, performance had a lot of integrity. I wanted to see more experimentation with hand, loved the score.

Shadows amazing, hands manipulation – great. Use of real and projected very complex and interesting too. Kaleidoscope.

Fascinating shapes and pictures through shadow and projection, journey, a little creepy at moments.

Wonderful music – more, more. So new, so unusual, so energising, so deep, so felt – thank you. Kaleidoscope.

Absolutely awesome. Slow, being stuck, something bigger controlling you. Alice in Wonderland, Ferdydyre (sorry can’t remember the spelling, it is a book by W. Gombrointz), movement, dance floor.

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