DEC project

DEC  (Demonstration, Exploration, Collaboration) is a cross art performance and research group which I was invited to join in 2011 after performing as a guest dancer in DEC’s residency at OVADA in 2010.    The group currently consists of 3 visual artists: Kassandra Isaacson,  Clare Bassett and Susan Moxley; 2 musicians: Malcolm Atkins and Bruno Guastalla; and 2 dancers: Susie Crow and myself.

We focus on live interactions between our three artforms (dance, music, visual art) and sometimes with additional input from or collaboration with poets, other musicians or dancers.  Working predominantly with  improvisation we have explored and continue to investigate a wide range of approaches to structuring and composing drawing on and sharing techniques familiar within our own fields as well as creating new ones specific to this particular interaction of projected live art, dance and music.

The Dec group has performed at Ovada gallery, Pegasus Theatre, The Story Museum,  The Old Firestation and the Cambridge Festival of Ideas while artwork from the DEC artists has also been exhibited at The North Wall and in Oxford Artsweeks exhibitions.  The group offers regular ‘Drawing Dance’ sessions where visual artists have the opportunity to work from  the live collaboration of 2 dancers and a musician.

photo: Naomi Morris

photo: Naomi Morris

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