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Affordable regular cross-arts practice

This was one of my motivations in setting up ‘Meeting Points’.  To create a space where there was enough of a pool of artists to share the cost of space in which to practice regularly.  The other was to develop and learn from other practicing artists: be inspired, challenged and share, break or clarify my own creative habits.  In such a space there is a chance to work with a variety of  artists from different practice backgrounds trying new approaches or methods for the generation of or shaping of material.  Each artist has something to offer and each artist can benefit from testing their approaches and rubbing up against unfamiliar ones.

I was already working in  a cross art group – DEC but wanted in addition to our particular collaboration to open up the opportunity to engage with a wider range of practitioners.  I was also curious to see what would happen if you introduced an element of audience within what was essentially an experimental practice session.   Part of my thinking in this was as a motivator for myself – an audience or an observer help me to focus and generate a certain amount of energy by their presence.  Additionally I was hoping to share the rigour, uncertainty, necessary development and variety of processes involved in creating work.  A ‘behind the scenes’ view that would hopefully be of interest to students or public and encourage deeper understanding of contemporary work.

However, perhaps my biggest motivator continues to be the search for magic moments.  Precious times in collaboration and live practice or performance when you are fully engaged in the moment,  where there is communication in the air,  where the creation exists outside your own boundaries and you are truly alive.


 Meeting Points has been enabled through support from Oxford Culture Fund and Oxford Dance Forum