paying for space

I believe the cost of property in this country has a hugely negative impact on the arts  (as well as on the whole of society).  For a dancer to hold a rehearsal or a class an adequate room/studio costs a minimum of £15 per hour.  That means that for a 2 hour session (which is barely enough for a rehearsal/ research session) we have to find £30 minimum.  When paid dance work (outside the big companies) is irregular and insecure and a dancer’s need to create work or maintain and develop skills in the studio continues during periods of low/non employment how is that sustainable?

I realise studio space is a luxury compared to the concerns  of putting a roof over one’s head to live and there are many people (soon to be many more) for whom this is a very stark and harsh reality.   I wish the government and society as a whole had a radical rethink about our escalating house /property prices which makes such a basic need so difficult to achieve.   Besides making housing affordable,  the benefits of lower property prices would have the knock on effect of making renting space for creative work an attainable option for more people therefore  increasing access to and participation in art.

It may be idealistic and possibly unrealistic but surely it would be better for society if its members were not having to work such long hours just to put a roof over their head.  There would be time and space for so much more creativity, kindness, generosity and good health if property prices were lower. (in my opinion)


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