Another scratch.  This time at Pegasus organised by ODF.  I am experimenting with approaching performance with no anxiety/stress (extremely limited preparation).  I think I am going to find there is a good reason to worry and exert oneself.  But this scratch I now discover is charging an entrance fee…Is it right to be relaxed and casual if people are paying money? Is it right to be relaxed and casual when presenting any work (read sloppy/unfinished).  Shouldn’t I always have to go through the ordeal of fear, dread, anticipation of failure, sleepless nights, endless searches for and reworkings of snippets of sound and movement?

Last night, in preparation I watched lots of videos on homelessness, slave labour, exploitation, poverty.  In this country (let alone the rest of the world).  I feel more and more that as a society we are heading  in a very wrong direction.  As an individual I only manage with the privilege of support, family, community.   It is criminal that house prices/rent are so expensive and wages for many so low, that people who are working  hard (with families or not) are condemned to a relentless poverty,  left homeless or in totally inadequate and temporary accomodation and often far away from any support network of family -if they have any.  Things are out of balance.  There are whole sections of our society who have little hope of getting out of the deep hole we have allowed to grow.  It is growing bigger and the gap is growing wider and that is something very ugly, uncivilised and dehumanising.

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