rehearsals at Pegasus

Today I had 2 back to back rehearsals at Pegasus Studio.  The first with Paulette developing material for the show in March.  I am still struggling with getting to grips with a different way of approaching choreography and trying to produce movement from a new range of stimuli and trying to remember…  A challenge! Thanks Paulette.

The second was the first exploration with Dariusz for a film we are planning to make for February.  Camera techniques v  movement ideas.  Very helpfully joined by Flavia.  We tried some stop motion in dance.  Some contrasting stillness and movement to be captured with different shutter speeds for blur effect.  Then an attempt with some different body qualities.  For some reason I found myself on a box dripping off it.  Then squashed inside it.  Then jumping off it.  Thanks Pegasus.

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