Meeting of the DEC group today (Demonstration, Exploration, Collaboration).  I have recently been invited to join this collaborative research and performance group which comprises artists, musicians and dancers.*   Great session today exploring amongst other things ‘stasis’ through dance/music and art.  Challenging ourselves to not repeat, not fall in to pattern, not do anything the same not go on a journey.. almost impossible of course but great for finding more material.  We discussed how we could use this approach constructively in performance and tried some other framing /structuring devices to put the ‘directionless’ action in to a wider context.  Really interesting looking at the artists’ translations of the movement and sound on to paper.  Inspiring.

*DEC was set up by Susie Crow of Ballet in Small Spaces with Malcolm Atkins (musician) and visual artists Clare Bassett, Antonia Bruce, Kassandra Isaacson and Susan Moxley.  I first worked with them as a guest dancer during their residency at OVADA in 2010.

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