choreography and philosophy

Tuesday night’s choreocollective felt at the end more like a philosophy discussion group! I was concerned that we were not ‘moving’ enough to justify the cost of hiring a studio. However, when I asked, each person there asserted how useful and helpful it was to be discussing the concepts they were working with as much as trying out actual choreography. I think this reveals that choreography is about so much more than the practical side of putting together steps and sequences! How much extra time is involved in the creation of a work just doing the thinking, researching, questionning, discussing. Having a shared space and time in which to do this with fellow dance artists who can offer different perspectives enables further clarification of the themes we are working towards and is a valuable addition to the time spent doing this alone. On the cost of hiring the studio, if we had met in a pub we would have spent the same buying a round of drinks and here we still could turn concepts into physical expression.

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