End of an Era. Euton Daley at Pegasus

On Friday, I went along to The Pegasus Theatre to the intimate question and answer session marking the end of Euton Daley’s Artistic Directorship of The Pegasus Theatre.  (and the beginning of his new Artistic journey)  Entitled An interview with Euton Daley: Pegasus, politics and poetics the evening was the opportunity for guests to hear Euton’s thoughts on his time at Pegasus – the changing cultural and political contexts, the joys, frustrations and  inspirations of the job and the various ways in which the theatre itself and his role have changed over the years.  Interviewed by Jane George, Senior Lecturer in Drama, University of Worcester Euton’s soft spoken replies showed the easy going, positive attitude together with commitment, focus and a respect for each individual that characterises Euton’s approach.  When asked, for him the essence of  Pegasus was passion and team work.

Two new discoveries about Euton: – His love of football-  he had wanted to be a professional footballer and his interest in performance poetry.  His parting present was an example of this in rap.  A piece which, while mentionning social inequality appeared (perplexingly) to accept these differences – ‘don’t shed a tear,’  before delivering a final and ominous last laugh with a reference to the invasion of privacy that will be affecting everyone.  I’m looking forward to seeing where Euton goes next and hoping that both Euton and Pegasus continue to fly (with their feet on the ground) – even if they are no longer travelling together.

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