Anjali at The South Bank

Yesterday I went along with Anjali to The Southbank for their press launch at The Royal Festival Hall. The group showed two finished pieces – a solo and a duet, along with the two work in progress company pieces (‘The Birds’ and ‘Beethoven’ ) choreographed during separate research and development weeks with Lea Anderson and Gary Clarke. As ever the personality, skills and commitment of the dancers shone through. Each piece had a different quality and combined precision with humour, energy and humanity. The Feedback session facilitated by Donald Hutera offered another opportunity for the individuality and confidence of these dancers to speak. In the audience was Peta Lily who has also recently worked with the company developing their skills in physical theatre and comedy. This was the first time she had actually seen the company dance and she spoke for many audience members when she praised the quality, energy and audience connection they achieved.

I have only admiration for this company and the sustained hard work put in by the dancers, Artistic Director Nicole Thompson Stuart, Dance Artist Aya Kobayashi and Project Manager Sian Goldby. At the end of a long day, tired and arriving back late to unload props and costumes the group responded to the final irksome mysteries of filling a van with diesel -with a pump that turned out not to work- with banter and supportive comraderie. A lovely quality evident throughout the day which makes this group so special.
I sincerely hope that continued support for the company will be forthcoming and match the generosity and faith expressed by their ‘angels’ as Anjali launches itself ever higher in these fragile and difficult times.

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