Yael Karavan in Oxford

Lovely chance to work with Yael Karavan this week when she came to  Oxford.  First with her as mentor  helping me to develop my latest piece ‘tuning’ and then in the daylong workshop she gave for Oxford Dance Forum.

I had been waiting for Yael to be available in order to begin work on a section  which would use sounds and words – something new and rather scary to me.  Hopefully now I have a bit more confidence to try and take it forward.  Words! sounds!….meanings.  But besides this she took the time to listen to the ideas and motivations (wide and rambling as they are) and watch and work on the parts of Tuning I have just developed.

The next day we were at OFS – a small and select group treated to Yael’s unique blend of humour, discipline and the visceral.  A thorough work for mind and body that gave us many tools in opening our creativity and found us surprising ourselves with what emerged in movement and voice.

Hoping more Oxford dancers can get the chance to work with Yael in future workshops -she is great at prodding us out of our insecurities and challenging complacency with humour,  sensitivity and energy.



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