Full day at OFS

Today was the last of my ‘Germinator‘ slots at OFS.  What  a treat to be in the theatre with access to some lights! I wanted to make the most of it so I split the day up to work on different ideas/projects with different people.  Naomi and I tried working with a few prerecorded video clips and made a new discovery about cellophane and shadow.  With the DEC group the chance to work with light as well as projection really drew our attention to the difference between various lighting states when combined with the live art work and dance helping to clarify how we will approach our performance on the 23rd May.  Naomi used her photography skills as we worked – looking forward to seeing some of her pictures.

In the afternoon I was joined by other Oxford dancers (Marina, Jane, Susie, Leslie, Naomi) to help me explore and develop some ideas for a group choreography  around ‘Inertia’.  This is a real treat.  With other bodies I am able to choreograph speed, pathways and other dance that I can no longer do.  A nice contrast to my more usual pace!  What a privilege to work with such a lovely group of dancers in a space with dance floor, screen and lights.



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