Playground and Meeting Points

Glad I made it to tonight’s Playground at OFS – the last of the year!  This evening saw us create cards for a game, hear from Catherine Watson about land art and representation through new digital scanning technology, a presentation by Nicola Armitage of past and current film projects working with young and old with a request for an interested musician/composer, and a film of  a TED talk on the art of asking which the Playmasters had wanted to share. All interesting.

As always, and as intended by the organisers, as much as the presentations themselves Playground is the chance to meet other artists/new people, have conversations and discover possible collaborators or fellow journeymen.

I took the opportunity of the Playground one minute ‘Instant Noodle’ to announce that ‘Meeting Points’  a two hour cross arts session will be starting in January next year running every third Tuesday of the month.  It was great to find interest from a photographer, a dancer/poet and a musician – all in one evening! Hoping Meeting Points can turn out to be a great complement to the collaborative connections of Playground.

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