Dancin’ Oxford

Dancin’ Oxford has passed and I only managed to make a few of the many events.  The first was ‘The Pneûma Project’ at St. John the Evangelists Church. Miranda Tufnell in collaboration with David Ward and Sylvia Hallett.  A work that breathed life in to the space and breath into our bodies.  I was moved to write a description of it for Oxford Dance Writers here.

This had followed an interesting and complementary workshop ‘The Body in Mind: Reflections on Research Embodiment’ organised by The Body and Being Network (a research initiative co-founded by Karin Eli (University of Oxford) and Anna Lavis (University of Birmingham).  Sessions were run by artist Cecelia MacFarlane and sociologist Juliet Rayment. A fascinating exchange and sharing of approaches to the body by academics and movement practitioners.

Later that week was the annual ‘Moving with the Times’ platform at The Pegasus Theatre. An opportunity to sample the range of work being made in Oxford with pieces by Marina Collard, Justice in Motion, Cecelia Macfarlane with Hilary Kneale and Melissa Holding and finally a piece by Alan Hutson of Unlock the Chains Collective. Again, I felt like writing about the experience so you can find more detail here

Unfortunately, due to parent duties I had to miss most of ‘Science and Dance – finding Commonalities’ the latest of  the  Dance and Academia: moving the Boundaries series initiated, organised and facilitated by Miranda Lawrence.  This year, held at the Jam factory, contributors included Subathra Subramaniam  Bronwyn Tarr, Nicky Clayton, Clive Wilkins, Morten Kringelbach and Kirsten Shepherd-Barr.  I was glad to catch the end of this stimulating event and the discussions, conversations and reflections it provoked.

Conversations, chance encounters, new ideas, inspirations, provocations, catching up with friends.  Thank you dancin’ Oxford and all the performers, presenters and organisers for creating these opportunities to share.



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